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A Whole Lotta Love For You (Peter’s Other Song)

I had the privilege of writing and playing music for St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s and ’80s.

A Whole Lotta Love For You was written in 1979 and is on my album, Love Seeds. It expresses the emotions inspired by spiritual rebirth. This is the second in a series of songs from the viewpoint of St. Peter, the first being “Peter’s Song”. He is blissful in appreciation for everything his Guru (Jesus) had given him, and continues to give him, including the mission to spread the word of the new testament: Being Loving and healing with Love; appreciating everyone and every thing; enhancing your own life and those of others with harmonious action and response to Life. He was living a life of enlightenment and bliss, filled with the Spirit — in the world, dealing with it, but not driven by it, as his Guru had taught.

Imagine how Peter felt. It’s my hope that this song and others can plant a Love Seed in your heart, bring an experience of joy, appreciation and a recognition of your own inner guidance.

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Written in the late ’70s, recorded in my Love Seed Records studio in May, 2018.
Composer- Seymour Lovejoy
Publisher: AyaRTee Music (BMI)
All instruments and vocals -Seymour Lovejoy
Mixing: Seymour Lovejoy & Nettleingham Audio
Mastering: Nettleingham Audio

Lyric Video: YouTube Video


A Whole Lot of Love For You

I gotta whole, whole, whole lot of love for you.
Jesus let me know just what to do.
I’ll take my love to the corners of the Earth,
Carry you in my heart.
You show me the meaning of rebirth
And take me into the light.
I gotta whole, whole, whole lot of love for you.
I gotta whole, whole, whole lot of love for you.

Some how life is different
Since I called your name.
But the world, it stays the same.
I guess I’m the one who changed.
I gave my burden to you.
You gave me life anew.


Some things are expected.
Other things are not.
You might as well accept it
And deal with what you got.
And if you’re loving still,
You’re doing the Lord’s will.


If you want to be happy
For the rest of your years,
Go ahead be happy
No matter what appears.
It’s better than the blues.
The choice is up to you.


I gotta whole lot of love for you (8 times)

© 2018 Love Seed, LLC

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