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To My Friend

I had the privilege of writing and playing music for St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s and ’80s.

On October 4th, 2015, Feast of St. Francis, the current “folk group” was joined by musicians and singers from the folk group who had performed at the church’s 100th Anniversary in 1981. The celebration was recorded and the resulting album, Songs of St. Francis, is available for download here.

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Paul Stanton aka Seymour Lovejoy


Recorded October 4, 2015, Feast of St. Francis, St Francis of Assisi Church, Portland, OR
Recording Engineer- John Dalrymple, Seymour Labs
Mixing and Sweetening: Seymour Lovejoy, Love Seed Records studio
Composer- Paul Stanton
Publisher- AyaRTee Music (BMI)
Piano- Doug Smith
Bass- Miles Stanton
Lead Guitar- Paul Stanton
Rhythm Guitars- Tim McCarthy, Al Rose, Margaret Chapman, Keith Chapman
Percussion- Mary Fogarty
Flute- Frank Mathew
Lead Vocal- Paul Stanton
Back Vocals- Karen Mathew, Kathryn Mathew, Steve Stevens, Lourdene Haley, Tim McCarthy, Steve Rice, Jerry Bier, Joan Smith, Brigid Baumann, Pat Bechtold, Al Rose, Juanita Smith


Chorus 1:
It’s nice to see you, friend
Sharing good times again
I’m glad to see you, friend
Do do do dooten do do

Verse 1:
There will always be a place in my heart
Where love and joy abound
And you are there
You couldn’t leave if you tried
For I wouldn’t be the same today
Without the experience of you
You’re part of me
And I’m part of you.

Chorus 2:
I like to see your smile
Joke with you a while
I love to see your smile
Do do do dooten do do

Verse 2:
You know we know each other pretty well
We cry and we laugh together
We share the load and make it easy to love
And you know that if we disagreed
We’d work the whole thing out
I listen to you
And you listen to me

Chorus 3:
It’s nice to talk to you
Exchanging points of view
It’s fun to talk to you
Do do do dooten do do

Chorus 4:
I like to see your smile
Joke with you a while
I love to see your smile
Show me your smile again

Seymour Lovejoy

© 2015 Love Seed, LLC
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