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The Rock And Roll Wedding

Back in ’80 or so, being a rock and roll musician and composer, and in love with my “Miracle”, I decided to write a rock opera called Dreams That Things Are Made Of: The Rock and Roll Wedding which was planned to be televised and include my actual wedding. With my trusty sidekicks Allan Gunter and John Ryan and some local musicians, I wrote, produced and recorded an album’s worth of material and an audio dramatization of a screenplay.  We called ourselves “Fantasyband” and the album was titled “Dreams that Things are Made Of”. The “dramatization” was fun but is far from professional. It will be uploaded and available eventually. The tracks of the album were digitized to ADAT and reloaded to my Pro Tools recording system. “The Movie” has been remixed and is available here. More to come.

Yes, we had big plans. We put together a package for the project with a lawyer and passed it by about 10 investors, but no one bit. One fun thing, though, it being a “Rock and Roll Wedding”, we needed a minister for the show. “Rock and Roll” plus “Minister” equals Little Richard. I got a hold of his agent to see if he would talk to me about it. One night at about 3am the phone on my bedside stand rang. It was Little Richard, himself! He asked me about the show and his part in it, which would be singing the minister’s lyrics in “Willya Wontya”, and he asked me to sing it for him right then and there, so I did. Bottom line, I think it was too small a part for him with a group having no real track record, other than 20 years of musicianship and some recording.

But who knows, maybe some well-known rock musician might like to use Rock and Roll Wedding Day and Willya Won’tya at his wedding. It could happen.

The album’s title song, Dreams That Things Are Made Of, was released by Seymour Band and then again on my album, Love Seeds. And Miracle is available here.

I’ve been happily married to “Miracle” since 1986.

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