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Second Chances

This song was written and originally copyrighted 1/19/1988 and is on my album, Love Seeds.  John Dalrymple and I had previously created music for a local film maker Richard Mussler for his film “Coronet the Great”. Subsequently he was working on another film called “Second Chances” and I wrote a piano version of this song but we didn’t talk further about it. I re-recorded it with acoustic guitar in 2019 and added bass, tango accordion, and mandolin in 2021. Like the song says, “Go where the dance is”, i.e. the likely place for the dream to manifest, be ready, and look for second chances. If you keep your eye out for “coincidences” and opportunities, the second chances are there.

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Recorded in my Love Seed Records studio in 2019 and 2021.
Composer- Seymour Lovejoy
Publisher: AyaRTee Music (BMI)
All instruments and vocals – Seymour Lovejoy
Mixing: Seymour Lovejoy & Nettleingham Audio
Mastering: Nettleingham Audio

Lyric Video: YouTube Video


Second Chances

Second chances are all around you
Second chances, they fill the air
Second chances, find where romance is
And will lead you to love in the end.

If you’re waiting for love to happen
And your dreams to all come true
Take some chances, go where the dance is
And you’ll be where your dreams can come true

Some times you feel you have nowhere to turn
And your dreams are a thing of the past
Then out of the blue something happens to you
And you feel you’re alive once more

Second chances are all around you
Second chances, they fill the air
Second chances, though often disguised
Will bring life to your dreams
Though they’re not what they seem
They’ll bring  life to your dreams
In the end.

© 2015 Love Seed, LLC

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