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This song was written by Mick Austin, circa 1972 and performed by the original Seymour several times.

I was born of a woman on top of a hill
With the milk flowing freely from my mouth.
I was raised in the absence of a father she knew well,
Or at least she thought that she did.  (1st ending)

When I was only 3, my mother went insane
And they sent me to live with Uncle Fred.
Uncle Fred taught me more than any insane family.
I’m so glad he got a chance to talk to me. (2nd ending)

He said, “Now wait a minute, Jody,”
“You’ve got everything you ought to have.
“You’ve got to sacrifice a little for your freedom,
“If you can.”

Lahda Dah dahda dah
Da Dahda dahda dah… (over second half of a verse)

As a young man in the service of the royal family
He became adept at telling jokes and singing songs.
He was known throughout the kingdom for the way he squandered mirth
And righted wrong

Compromise isn’t good if you know it ain’t right
And I know it ain’t right to compromise.
Believe me when I tell you that a person never dies,
(But) he only transfers what he has to give. (2nd ending)

Uncle Fred died of a tumor at the age of 41,
And before that he was one year blind.
Mirror tell me if you’re thinking that my story rambles on and I will…
Turn out the light
Turn out the light
Turn out the light

Movement 2:
Have you ever been in love before?
Yes, I thought it was love, but it was not.
Are you going to let me come in?
No that’s not the way that it is.

The colors in your eyes
Make me realize how much I dig
Being here, alone with you, and how much I
Want to be free.
I want to be free.
I want to be free.
I want to be free.

Jody are you in love with me?
Spend some time with me.
Jody are you in love with me.
Spend the day with me.
Spend the night with me.
Spend your life with me.

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