This song is on my album, Love Seeds. My co-writer on Dreamin’, Dan Schilling, and I had classes together in high school. He played accordion in a talent show, and played organ in a popular local dance band, The Tikis and the Fabulons. We played together in the Southmen from ’66-’68, both attended the University of Portland, and played in Sunflower from ’74-’76. In Vietnam, he parlayed his degree in music to an army gig of leading a band that played at dances at the different bases! He got his Masters in Music from Berklee in New York, specializing in upright bass. He’s the real deal. Dan wrote the instrumental bones of this song around 1969.

Time passed, and in 2021, Dan recreated the song, recording it in his home studio “down under”, and sent me the recording, consisting of piano, organ and bass, still an instrumental. That was October 17th. He had no anticipation that I was going to add anything to it. Listening to his recording, I noticed that the first two notes of the melody clearly fit with the word “Dreamin'”. That’s all it took to “start the wheels turning” in my head. I wrote a rhythm guitar part, based upon the piano part, and added a simple drum part. I was reminded of another tune that he and John Dalrymple had written in Sunflower, where a saxophone played along with the sung melody with extended notes on the end of phrases. So I extracted a simplified sax part from the melody in the organ part, since it contained too many notes for a sung melody. Next, I waxed philosophical and wrote lyrics based upon my esoteric studies of reality and creating by dreamin’ and choosin’. Finally I wrote some horn section parts and worked with John Dalrymple to tailor the drum part and create the initial mix. As of November 6, 2021, it had taken only twenty-one days for this Love Seed to flower and spread seeds. This could be considered an anthem of this time in our world. My wish is that this song will motivate people to improve our world by loving, making peaceful, positive changes, choosing to appreciate and understand others, every day, every way.

Recorded in 2021 at Love Seed Studios
Composers: Seymour Lovejoy and Dan Schilling
Publisher: AyaRTee Music (BMI)
Guitar: Seymour Lovejoy
Organ, Piano and Bass: Dan Schilling
Lyrics and Vocals: Seymour Lovejoy
Drums: John Dalrymple and Seymour Lovejoy
Horns: Seymour Lovejoy
Mixing: Seymour Lovejoy & Nettleingham Audio
Mastering: Nettleingham Audio

Lyric Video: YouTube Video

Dreamin’, all we ever do is dreamin’.
All we ever do is thinkin’ and choosin’ our way.
And every brand new day’s
A chance to write a song.
Beautiful Song.

Choosin’, choosin’ what we will believe in.
And then everything we see and we say and we do.
Creates our point of view. And guess what you can do.
Make somethin’ new.

It’s time to improve our world.
Let’s stop fighting, and keep finding better ways
To live our days, and help us work together.
This world is all of us. Let’s choose a common goal to love each other.

Lovin’, lovin’s like appreciation.
Then you add some understanding and guess what you get.
You get a better world.
And make a better day. Every day. Every way.
Make a better day.

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