$21 Phone Bill

This is a song written by my  long-time friends John Dalrymple, and Dan Schilling. We went to high school together. After they had done their time in the military and returned home we put together a Jazz-Rock band called Sunflower. Dan played a cut-down M3, JD played electric piano and Arp Omni synthesizer, John Ryan played drums, Randall LeNeve played alto sax, Robin Dalton played electric bass, and I played electric guitar. We did two live recording sessions (Alpha and Omega) in Robin’s basement with Dick MacCleod of Sunn Musical as recording engineer.

Written in the mid ’70s, this was recorded live in Robin Dalton’s basement on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Engineer- Dick MacLeod
Composer- John Dalrymple
Publisher: AyaRTee Music (BMI)
Vocal: John Dalrymple
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano: John Dalrymple
Alto Sax: Randall LeNeve
Hammond M3: Dan Schilling
Bass: Robin (“Berd”) Dalton
Guitar: Seymour Lovejoy


They say that money is the root of all evil.
You may think that’s funny, but It’s ruined a lot of good people.
But let me tell you something, because I know it’s true.
Honey it ain’t the money, it’s you. Bayby it’s you.

Baby, when I met you everything was a gas.
Everything was uptight. Don’t you know it had too much class.
You must have picked up something somewhere down the line.
Turned your head way around. Messed up your mind, messed up your mind.

You took my cash and my credit card and the keys to my Cadillac.
Took all of my material possessions and threw them in the back.
My best friend at the wheel, you by his side was quite a scene
What you did to me last Saturday night was just too mean.

Well maybe someday you’ll come back and things will be hip.
But right now, baby, I just can’t get into that trip.
You left me with a nickel and a $21 phone bill
And all I can say right now, honey,
Is “I’ve had my fill. I’ve had my fill of you”.

Here’s the Sunflower version:

And here’s the Seymour version:

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