Welcome to the Seymour Lovejoy Web-Sight

Seymour Lovejoy is a business/professional name, a motto, a blessing and perspective offered to you.

Ultimately, what do you have other than Consciousness? It’s simple: When you love more, there is more love “in the world” and you will be conscious of more love and joy. Know love and joy by studying your memories and feelings. Find love and joy within your experiences. Be able to recall the feelings at will. Know how to respond to life with love (acceptance, appreciation and giving) and joy. Choose to Seymour Lovejoy.

We are all creators every moment of our lives, whether we realize it or not. This web-sight explores my creative adventures and insights, my influences. My intention is to provide you opportunities to see some things differently, and to encourage you to join me in enhancing what we call life.

Jnana Sivananda

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